Leading With Care Policy

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A Policy for Ensuring a Climate of Safety for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults in The Presbyterian Church in Canada

It is the policy of the Presbyterian Church in Canada that all persons
– and, in particular, all children, youth, and vulnerable adults –
who participate in the denomination’s programs/ministries and/or
use the denomination’s facilities will be cared for with
Christian compassion and will be safe.

LWC, Teachers, and the Classroom

The Leading With Care Policy stipulates that teachers must:

  • Have a police check
  • Receive an orientation
  • Fill out a Teacher/Leader form
  • Sign a Covenant of Care form
  • Receive training
  • Adhere to the ratio of children/youth to staff
    • 0-18 months             = 2 adults to 6 children
    • 18 months – 2 years = 2 adults to 10 children
    • 2-5 years                    = 2 adults to 12 children
    • 5-18 years                  = 2 adults to 15 children
    • Vulnerable adults    = 2 adults to 10 vulnerable adults
  • Complete a General Incident report for any injuries
  • Be mindful of children with infectious diseases
  • Maintain an attendance report
  • Seek support in training, evaluation, prayer etc.
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