Donation Campaign – General Fundraising – Church Operating

Donation Campaign – General Fundraising – Church Operating2019-04-13T15:00:08-04:00

Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church hosts many fundraising events during the year to help cover the daily operational expenses of the church, but with costs increasing each year we are looking to alternative fundraising.

One might attend church, enjoy the service, partake in some of the fellowship and events, but never really give any thought to what it costs to run the establishment as “someone else always looks after that.”

While we do try to minimize costs, (like energy efficient bulbs) there are costs that we can not get away from.  So what types of costs does it take to run a church you ask?  Great question!

People we have to pay: Minister, Organist, Secretary and any payroll costs related to those folks.

Supplies for service: Worship materials, piano tuning, guest musicians,

Programs at church: Sunday School

General Expenses: phone, internet, hydro, gas, office supplies, postage, property insurance, equipment rental, repairs, maintenance, toilet paper, cleaning supplies

Capital Expenses

And the list could go on and on.

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