Donation Campaign – Christmas Community Outreach Meal

Donation Campaign – Christmas Community Outreach Meal2019-04-13T14:56:58-04:00

Each month, on the third Saturday, Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church holds an outreach program nicknamed “More than Just Soup” to serve dinner to those less fortunate within our Parkdale neighbourhood. Where does the support come from to help to feed the homeless and the downtrodden? It doesn’t come from the government or from city funds. It comes from personal donations and/or organizations like yours. We use this support to prepare healthy, hearty home cooked meals. Our first outreach meal was on February 21, 2015. “More than Just Soup” now feeds over 125 people each meal.

Would you help us further our efforts by sponsoring a portion of our Christmas Turkey meal on Saturday, December 21, 2019? Your help will allow us to provide a home cooked turkey dinner for over 125 people.

Food Required for December 21, 2019 include:  frozen mixed vegetables, cranberry sauce, milk (for mashed potatoes), mashed potato mix, gravy mix, clementines, stuffing, dessert. Supplies needed include cups, napkins, tin plates, burners for warming trays, tinfoil, soap, toilet paper, hand towels, dishwasher soap, cleaning supplies, tea, coffee, sugar, juice mix.

Thank you and God Bless

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